When it comes to appliance maintenance, we’ve found that cleaning your washing machine is often overlooked. We’re here to change that!

Establishing a washing machine cleaning routine will help prevent costly repairs. Not to mention your clothes will be cleaner and smell fresher! So what should your routine consist of? Professional house cleaner Melissa Maker (from the popular YouTube channel “Clean My Space”) has some washer cleaning tips for you:

Clean My Space: Clean Your Washing Machine!

washer cleaning tips

Melissa begins by explaining what happens if you don’t regularly clean your washer. Over time, soap residue builds up in the machine, causing mildew to grow. If your clothes are beginning to smell a bit dingy, this is an indication that it’s time for a cleaning!


Many people have been led to believe that bleach is an effective cleaner for this task, but this is actually untrue. While bleach can kill bacteria, it is in fact not actually a cleaning product. That means it won’t remove the soap residue from your washer, which is the root cause of the problem.

washing machine cleaner

This is why she recommends using Affresh tablets instead, which rids the washing machine of odor-causing residue!


They are safe to use in front and top load washers, but make note that they do NOT go in the soap dispenser. Place them in tub instead.


She also highlights some other steps she likes to take that keeps her washer in tip-top shape. One of those steps is to occasionally take out the dispenser (if possible), and thoroughly clean it with a white vinegar, cleaning toothbrush, and and a cloth.

Watch the full video below for all of Melissa’s washer cleaning tips!