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How to Clean Maytag Washing Machine Filter in 6 Easy Steps

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Just like dryers, washing machines can fall victim to lint buildup that impairs their function. What can you do to prevent lint buildup in front load washers? Regularly clean the washer lint filter by taking it out, removing any lint or debris, and rinsing it under running water. Learn how to clean Maytag washing machine filter components in 6 simple steps to ensure your washer functions optimally.

Why is Knowing How to Clean Maytag Washing Machine Filter Important?

When a Maytag front load washer drain pump filter functions optimally, it keeps lint and debris from clogging or damaging the drain pump. However, like most filters, it can get clogged over time or become blocked by a large object. 

The following issues can occur when the drain pump filter gets clogged:

  • Drainage problems
  • A buildup of water in the washer tub
  • Excess detergent residue on your clothing and in the machine
  • Washer smells bad from excess dirt and detergent residue
  • Drain pump damage, resulting in extensive repairs.

We’ll detail how to clean Maytag washing machine filter parts to prevent these outcomes. But, first, we’ll specify the filter’s location and how often it should be cleaned.

Do Maytag Washing Machines Have Filters?

All modern Maytag washers have filters that should be regularly cleaned every 3-6 months to prevent harmful lint buildup or clogs. In top-loading machines the filters are in the center of the agitator tube. They can be removed by taking off the agitator cap and pulling the filter upward. Lint and debris can then be removed by hand before replacing the filter.

However, the Maytag washer filter location for front-loading machines is behind a dispenser drawer on the right side of the washer’s front base. This location allows it to better protect the drain pump that’s alongside it. The following steps detail how to clean Maytag washing machine filter in front-load models quickly and easily.

Step 1: Open Drain Dispenser Drawer

The drain pump filter is directly behind the drain dispenser drawer. To open the drawer, push down on the drawer’s right side tab and up on the left side tab. This should free the drawer to be completely removed.

Step 2: Drain the Pump Hose

Once the drawer is removed, the next step in how to clean drain pump filter Maytag front load washer is to drain the pump hose. 

Here’s how to drain the pump hose without making a mess:

  • Place a shallow container on top of a small towel under the drain pump filter. 
  • Unclasp the pump hose from its clip.
  • Remove the plug at the end of the hose.
  • Drain the hose into the container.
  • If the container fills, empty and continue draining as needed.
  • Replace the hose plug when you’re sure draining is complete.
  • Secure the drain hose in its clip.

Step 3: Take Out the Drain Pump Filter

Leave the towel underneath the filter housing, as water or debris can emerge when the filter is removed. To remove the filter, turn it counterclockwise until it loosens and can be pulled straight out.

how to clean Maytag washing machine filter

Step 4: Remove Lint and Debris

Remove large clumps of lint or debris from the filter by hand and dispose. Any remaining residue can be removed by rinsing the filter under running water.

Step 5: Replace the Drain Pump Filter

Replace the filter and turn the filter handle clockwise as far as it will go. The handle should be in a nearly vertical position when the drain pump is secure.

Step 6: Secure the Dispenser Drawer

Insert both ends of the drawer on its rails at the same time. When the drawer is correctly placed on the rails, you should hear a clicking sound that confirms the rails are engaged. Push the drawer in and pull it back out to make sure it opens and closes properly before leaving it closed.

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