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Your Ultimate Samsung Dishwasher Error Code Guide

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Though a Samsung dishwasher error code can help diagnose problems, not knowing what it means can feel like another challenge to overcome. We’ll streamline both your error code and dishwasher troubleshooting by listing the meanings of some common codes. From leaks to clogged filters, you’ll soon be speaking your dishwasher’s language.

Cracking a Samsung Dishwasher Error Code

Deciphering a Samsung dishwasher error code is the first step in troubleshooting many common issues. Our guide identifies the most frequent codes to help determine if a DIY fix or professional repair will solve the problem. But first, here’s how these codes are used to identify errors.

What Are Samsung Dishwasher Error Codes?

A Samsung Dishwasher error code is your dishwasher’s way of communicating a problem. These short combinations of numbers and/or letters correspond to specific issues. When your dishwasher detects one of these problems, the error code will flash on the display panel.

Once an error code is displayed, you can look up its meaning in your owner’s manual or on the Samsung website. The code will be listed along with its corresponding problem and how to fix it. What if you don’t have your owner’s manual or have limited time for Internet searches? Use the guide below to identify some of the most common codes and solutions.

Error Code LC

What It Means: Samsung dishwasher error code LC will display if the dishwasher senses a leak. The drain or water hoses and the door seal are common leak locations. Using too much detergent or a dishwasher that’s not level can also cause leaking.

If you can’t find your dishwasher leaking water anywhere, it’s also possible the code was activated due to excess moisture. 

How to Fix: If the dishwasher was recently moved or connected to a garbage disposal, water might have splashed on the moisture sensor. Allow the sensor to dry and remove the disposal cap to deactivate the code. Using too much detergent can also cause spills that trigger the moisture sensor. Wipe away any spills and use only the amount of detergent recommended on the package. 

dishwasher not draining

Error Code OC & OE

What it Means: Either of these codes indicates the presence of too much water. This most often signifies a dishwasher not draining properly. 

How to Fix:

  • Inspect the drain hose connection at the sink
  • Check the drain hose for clogs 
  • Run water in the sink to search for additional blockages
  • Clean out the dishwasher’s filter and drain

Samsung dishwasher error code lc

Error Code 1E

What it Means: The dishwasher filter is clogged.

How to Fix: Remove the filter and rinse it under warm running water to remove debris. For stubborn particles, Samsung recommends soaking the filter in white vinegar overnight. Rinse the filter after soaking and replace it.

dishwasher leaking water

Error Code 7E

What it Means: This Samsung dishwasher error code occurs if the waterfall reflector is unable to move. This can happen if an object is blocking it or holding it in place. The error code may also display if the reflector isn’t attached correctly.

How to Fix: If the dishwasher is brand new, make sure any packing tape has been removed from the reflector. Check that it’s installed correctly and free of blockages.

Error Code HC

What it Means: The dishwasher’s internal temperature is too hot.

How to Fix: The dishwasher may need to be reset. Wondering how to reset Samsung dishwasher correctly? Turn off the dishwasher’s power at the circuit breaker and wait 30 seconds. Restore power at the circuit breaker, empty the dishwasher, and start a new wash cycle with fresh detergent.

Samsung dishwasher error code

We hope this guide to common dishwasher error codes helps resolve any issue. Need help cracking the code and solving the problem? Call Appliance Repair Specialists for the very best in Samsung dishwasher repair Tampa.

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