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How to Remove Pet Hair From Clothes and Other FAQs

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While the joys of owning a pet know no bounds, the frustrations of pet hair on clothes are just as limitless. How can you effectively remove pet hair from laundry? Detach as much as possible before washing. Next, add fabric softener or vinegar to the washer to relax fabric and loosen hairs. Learn how to remove pet hair from clothes as well as how to protect your washer from dog and cat hair damage.

Your Laundry Questions Answered: How to Remove Pet Hair From Clothes

When your clothes are covered in dog and cat hair, throwing them in the washer can seem like the easiest solution. But without the proper pre-treatments, methods and supplies, you’ll still find pet hair on clothes after washing, as well as in your machine.  The following steps detail how to remove pet hair from clothes quickly and effectively.

Step #1: Remove Excess Pet Hair Before Washing

The first step in how to remove pet hair from clothes is to detach as much as possible before washing. This not only eliminates excess hair, but lessens any that’s left in the washer.

Each of these methods can be an effective pet hair remover before washing:

  • Lint roller or piece of tape: Fur sticks to the adhesive and lifts off fabric.
  • Rubber gloves: Wear the gloves and wipe your hands over clothing, creating friction that picks up hair.
  • Dry or damp sponge: Brush over fabric to catch and trap fur.
  • Running a tumble cycle: Place clothes in the dryer on a tumble setting with no heat for 10 minutes. The motion will remove pet hair, depositing it in the lint filter for easy disposal.

how to remove pet hair from clothes

Step #2: Wash Clothes

Once excess hair and fur has been removed, place clothes in the washing machine. What’s the best way to wash clothes with dog hair or cat fur? Add the manufacturer’s recommended amount of fabric softener or ½ cup of white vinegar to the fabric softener dispenser. Either one softens fabric to loosen and remove pet hair from clothes in washer. Run a normal wash cycle with your usual amount of detergent.

Step #3: Dry Clothes With Dryer Balls

To remove any lingering pet hair, place clothes in the dryer with a reusable wool dryer ball. Do dryer balls get rid of pet hair? They do, by creating a natural static cling that removes pet hair from clothes in dryer. Place 1 or 2 balls in the dryer with your clothing and run a regular drying cycle. Be sure to remove any collected hair from the dryer balls and lint screen when the cycle is complete.

pet hair on clothes after washing

Washers & Pet Hair FAQs

Now that your clothes are free of fur, don’t let your washer pay the price. Clumps of hair and fur often get left behind in the washer drum, lint filter, or pump filter. If you don’t remove accumulated pet hair, it may affect more than just your next load of laundry.

FAQ #1: Can Pet Hair Damage a Washing Machine?

Clumps of wet pet hair can certainly damage a washer. Accumulated hair and fur in the washer drum can breed smelly bacteria, giving your washer a bad odor. Meanwhile, wet hair and fur can also clog the drain pump, resulting in draining problems like puddles and leaks.

FAQ #2: How Do I Remove Pet Hair From My Washer?

Always wipe down the washer tub and run a tub clean cycle after washing items with pet hair or after you clean your rug. Some washers have a lint filter that captures fur and hair during a wash cycle, preventing drain pump clogs. These filters are located either along the top rim of the wash tub or in the center agitator and also require cleaning. For those filters that can’t be removed, wipe away any pet hair and lint with a dry paper towel. 

Follow these steps to clean a removable washer lint filter:

  • Remove the filter from its housing.
  • Soak the filter in a solution of warm water and dishwasher detergent for 10 minutes.
  • Use a small brush or paper towel to clean the filter housing.
  • Replace the filter.

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