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What to Use Instead of a Dryer Sheet: Alternatives that are Cheap & Easy to Make

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So you’ve gotten as far as washing a load of clothes, only to figure out you are fresh out of dryer sheets! If you hate static and stiff clothes as much as the rest of us, you could be having a slight moment of panic. So what can you use instead of a dryer sheet? You actually have dryer sheet alternatives right there in your house – cheap, quick, and easy solutions to keep static at bay and make your clothes touchably soft.

Laundry Hacks: Creative Dryer Sheet Alternatives

The facts are that traditional dryer sheets have a lot of synthetic chemicals in them that many of us don’t want in our clothes and against our skin. Opting for homemade dryer sheets sounds like a good plan, but then again, not everyone has time to make those. Thankfully, there are other alternatives in addition to DIY dryer sheets.

Aluminum Foil: Eliminates Static

Are dryer sheets necessary? No. In fact, if you reach into the cupboard and grab some aluminum foil, you can eliminate static just as well as a dryer sheet! No joke.

Crumple a wad of foil into a ball and toss into the dryer. You’ll be surprised at how effective (and cheap!) this dryer sheet alternative is – and you can even reuse it for more loads. You’re welcome.

Vinegar Cloth: Eliminates Static & Softens Fabric

While it sounds a bit like making a salad dressing out of your clothes, vinegar makes a fabulous – and unscented – alternative to traditional dryer sheets. We already know how useful vinegar is around the house. In the laundry, vinegar prevents static electricity build up on the clothes and softens fabrics at the same time. Pretty cool, right?

Use white vinegar instead of fabric softener in the wash cycle, or for a dryer sheet alternative, dampen a washcloth with vinegar and throw it into the dryer with your clothes. This tops the list of laundry hacks for those desiring unscented clothing due to allergies or other sensitivities.

If you don’t want to give up your dryer fresh aroma, add your choice of essential oils onto the vinegar cloth and you’ll be in scent heaven!

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Ice Cubes: Eliminate Wrinkles

If you’ve ever forgotten the load in the dryer until it’s as wrinkled as grandpa, you’ll love this trick. This works best with smaller loads that don’t include heavy fabrics, such as denim. Throw a handful of ice cubes in the dryer and turn on the dry cycle for 20-30 minutes. The heat combined with the ice creates steam that delightfully eliminates the need to iron! What could be better than that?

Wool Dryer Balls: Fluff Up Clothes 

Are dryer sheets harmful? They can be. Many are riddled with harmful chemicals, but there are safer, more plant-based alternatives available. One tried-and-true method that is far less expensive than green-friendly dryer sheets is using wool dryer balls.

Wool dryer balls reduce static, wrinkles, and lint. The lint reduction alone can help prevent further dryer issues, especially if you aren’t diligent about regular dryer maintenance. An added perk: they reduce drying time by up to 40%!

Pick up wool dryer balls in any grocery store, or make some DIY wool dryer balls at home.

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If dryer sheets alternatives aren’t the only thing on your radar and your dryer needs service, contact your local technician today.

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