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How to Reduce Static in Dryer & Clothes

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For the most part, we view static as an annoying byproduct of doing laundry. While throwing a dryer sheet in the dryer may reduce it, this can be an additional step and expense. But what if you knew how to get rid of dryer static for good? Learn how to reduce static in dryer with dryer balls or vinegar rinses.

How to Reduce Static in Dryer And How It Gets There In the First Place

There are actually a variety of effective ways to lessen dryer static. But before we discuss how to reduce static in dryer with different options it helps to know what causes static in clothes.

What Causes Static in Clothes?

Believe it or not basic physics is what causes static in clothes. When clothes rub against each other as they tumble in the dryer they share electrons. Upon contact, some items become charged with positive electrons while others become negatively charged.

When the dryer stops and clothes fall to the bottom, negative and positive items will stick together, resulting in what we know as static. Synthetic fabrics and the colder, drier air of winter are factors that tend to create more static.

Use Dryer Sheets to Reduce Static

Physics are also at play in how dryer sheets function. The fabric softeners on each dryer sheet contain positively charged electrons that neutralize any negative electrons on clothing. This eliminates static by leaving only positively charged electrons in the dryer.

Even though dryer sheets are effective in reducing static, their coating can also stick to clothing and the dryer. Additionally, the chemicals on this coating aren’t always environmentally friendly and dryer sheets are an added expense. Fortunately, there are several recipes for homemade dryer sheets that deliver all their benefits without the drawbacks.

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Use Anti-Static Dryer Balls

Wondering how to reduce static cling without dryer sheets? Wool or aluminum dryer balls are also effective ways for how to reduce static in dryer and clothes. When you toss a few wool anti-static dryer balls in the dryer they work by absorbing the moisture in clothing. This creates a humid dryer environment that reduces static.

Similarly, aluminum dryer balls absorb static electricity, preventing it from transferring to clothes. Simply take 3 foot-long sheets of aluminum foil and crumple them into a ball about 2-3 inches in diameter. Toss a few of these balls in the dryer with your laundry to reduce static.

how to reduce static in dryer
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Rinse with Vinegar

White vinegar is known to be a natural fabric softener. When fabrics are softened, they’re less likely to cling together in the dryer and exchange electrons.

To use vinegar as a static reducer, spray a small article of clean clothing (like a sock or washcloth) with white vinegar and add it to your dryer load. It will reduce static and the dryer’s heat will eliminate any vinegar odor.

Separate Clothes by Material

As we mentioned above, synthetic fabrics are more prone to static cling. This is because their material enables them to hold onto a positive or negative charge longer than natural fabrics like wool or cotton.

When drying clothing, you can reduce static by drying synthetic fabrics separately from natural ones. This will keep synthetics from charging other clothing.

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