GE oven won't turn on but range burners work

My GE Oven Won’t Turn On but Range Burners Work, What Do I Do?

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While your range and oven usually work in tandem, specific oven issues can keep it from turning on while the burners still function. Why won’t my GE oven work but burners do? For electric ovens, a faulty heating element is likely the case. Here’s how to troubleshoot the most common causes when your GE oven won’t turn on but range burners work.

5 Common Causes When Your GE Oven Won’t Turn On But Range Burners Work

GE burners work but oven won't turn on

When your GE oven won’t turn on but range burners work just fine, usually an oven part has failed, requiring a professional repair. However, before assessing for malfunctions, first rule out a few basics that require a simple DIY adjustment.

Check GE Oven Settings

To fix an oven that won’t turn on first make sure it’s set correctly. This involves selecting a temperature, cooking function (such as bake or broil), and pressing the Start button. If any of these steps aren’t completed, the oven won’t turn on. 

Similarly, if the oven has just completed a self-cleaning cycle, both the door and control panel will remain locked until the oven has cooled down. This can take up to an hour after the self-clean cycle has been completed. During this time, the oven door won’t open and the control panel won’t respond to other selections.

Broken Heating Element

For electric models, the most common reason your GE burners work but oven won’t turn on is a broken heating element. Electric ovens have a heating element on the top and bottom of the interior to generate heat. The top element is primarily responsible for broiling, while the bottom is the main heat source for baking and roasting. When functioning properly, both should display an even glow and provide steady heat.

fix an oven that won't turn on

Here’s how to tell if an oven heating element is broken:

  • Oven not baking evenly: Depending on the element that has malfunctioned, food may be raw or undercooked on one side.
  • Visible damage: A broken element may show blistering or breakage.
  • Interrupted red glow: Parts of the heating element may be dark or the entire element may not glow at all.

If the heating element shows these signs and fails multimeter testing with a lack of continuity, it should be professionally replaced.

GE Oven Igniter is Faulty

Is your gas model GE oven not working but burners light with no problem? A faulty igniter is the most likely cause. The igniter must utilize electrical power to open the oven’s gas valve and generate an electrical spark to ignite the gas. If it can’t perform either of these two tasks, the oven won’t turn on. Even if it turns on, you may still find the oven not heating up sufficiently. This is because the igniter can’t reignite the gas when more heat is needed.

To assess the igniter, watch it attempt to light the gas after turning the oven on. It should glow and ignite the gas in under 30 seconds. If it doesn’t glow or promptly light the gas, test the igniter for continuity with a multimeter. A lack of continuity confirms that it’s faulty and needs replacement. 

Failed Oven Thermostat

The oven thermostat is a switch that opens and closes in response to the oven’s temperature, cycling the heating elements on and off. It does this via a temperature-sensitive probe that prompts the thermostat to open when more heat is needed and close when the set temperature is reached. 

If your GE oven won’t turn on but range burners work, the thermostat may not be opening or closing properly. A failed thermostat can also result in food that’s under or overcooked, as the right oven temperature can’t be maintained. Multimeter testing can confirm failure with a lack of continuity, necessitating replacement.

GE Oven Electronic Control Board Malfunctioned

Both gas and electric ovens utilize a computerized control board to govern all oven functions. This board utilizes electrical signals to send power to certain functions at the right time. If the control board malfunctions, the oven may not turn on or won’t initiate the right function when necessary. 

In some cases, faulty wiring can cause the control board to burn out. A professional oven and range repair service should assess the control board to determine the cause of failure and replace it, if necessary.

The expert technicians at Appliance Repair Specialists can solve the problem when your GE oven won’t turn on but range burners work. Call or schedule your service online today!

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