Maytag oven not cooking evenly

Maytag Oven Not Cooking Evenly? Follow These Tips.

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After a few batches of burnt cookies or several underdone roasts it’s clear that your oven (and not your cooking ability) is suffering. What do you do when your oven cooks unevenly? Recalibrating the thermostat can make the internal temperature more accurate. Diagnose a Maytag oven not cooking evenly with these troubleshooting tips.

4 Common Causes for a Maytag Oven Not Cooking Evenly

There are usually several possible causes for a Maytag oven not cooking evenly. From a heating element failure to a faulty temperature sensor, we’ll detail how to pinpoint the problem. But before investigating an oven malfunction, try these simple adjustments for more even cooking.

Tips to Ensure More Even Cooking & Baking

Where do you begin troubleshooting a Maytag oven not cooking properly? Ruling out the simplest causes can often solve the problem.

First, try these DIY tips to promote more even cooking and baking:

  • Ensure that the oven is level: Make sure oven racks are properly installed so batters and doughs rest evenly in pans.
  • Keep the door closed: Opening the door while the oven is on allows heat to escape, increasing cooking times. 
  • Preheat fully: Allowing enough time to reach the set temperature is why preheating an oven is important. When the set temperature is reached, the oven is evenly heated throughout..
  • Select the right cookware and rack position: Dark pans promote browning, while lighter pans result in less browning. Choose the right pan for your recipe and place it on the correct rack. Using an upper or lower rack can result in deeper browning on the top or bottom of your dish.

Maytag oven not cooking properly

Oven Thermostat Needs Calibration

Despite setting a specific temperature, your Maytag oven temperature fluctuates during cooking. The oven’s thermostat senses these fluctuations and signals the oven to provide more or less heat to maintain the temperature setting. If the oven isn’t cooking evenly, the thermostat may need to be recalibrated for better accuracy.

Refer to your user manual to determine how to recalibrate the thermostat on your model oven. In most cases, the temperature can be increased or decreased in 5℉ increments via the oven control panel.

Maytag Oven Heating Element Has Failed

In electric ovens a top and bottom heating element create heat when they receive electrical current. These metal coils will glow bright red and give off even, steady heat when functioning properly. 

A Maytag oven not cooking evenly due to a failed heating element shows the following signs:

  • Longer cook times and uneven cooking: If only one heating element is working, cooking times may be longer due to less heat. If the oven doesn’t heat up on the top or bottom, one side of your dish may be fully cooked, while the other may still be raw.
  • Blistering or breakage: A burned out heating element may show black spots, while gaps in the metal coil occur with breakage.
  • Uneven red glow: The coil’s red glow may be interrupted by dark spots or it may not glow at all.

When multimeter testing of the heating element shows a lack of continuity with any of the above signs, it requires professional replacement.

Oven Temperature Sensor Malfunction

A Maytag oven temperature problem can also occur if the temperature sensor malfunctions. The sensor operates with the control board to regulate the oven’s internal temperature. Sometimes, the sensor may be positioned too close to the oven’s wall and can be repositioned to give more accurate readings.

However, if the sensor is positioned properly, its resistance should be tested with an ohm meter. If it doesn’t read the correct resistance, or none at all, the sensor should be replaced.

Oven Convection Fan is Faulty

Convection ovens use a fan to circulate the heated air during cooking. This not only decreases cooking times but promotes deeper browning and more even results. If a fan blade is blocked or broken or its motor fails, the fan may not rotate. Signs of a faulty convection fan include a Maytag oven not cooking evenly as well as longer cook times.

In some cases, blockages can be removed to restore the fan’s function. Yet, if the blade is damaged or the motor shows no continuity with multimeter testing, it must be professionally replaced.

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