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Washer is Loud When Spinning? This May be Why…

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Most of the time, the sound of a washing machine’s spin cycle is familiar background noise as we go about our day. That’s why if you hear your washing machine making loud banging noise on spin cycle, it can be startling, to say the least! We have some reasons why your washer is loud when spinning that range from an overloaded tub to parts failure.

What’s Gone Wrong When Your
Washer is Loud When Spinning

A washer banging during wash cycle or spin cycle is often loud enough to command attention. Whether you have a front load vs. top load washer, a loud spin cycle can occur in either type of machine.

Fortunately, there are several common reasons when your washer is loud when spinning. We’ll help you find what’s causing the problem and banish the banging!

Washer Unbalanced or Overloaded

Most of us have tried cramming as much as possible into our washing machine to lessen the number of loads. But washers have capacity limits, and overloading your machine could be a common reason why your washer is loud when spinning. We suggest confirming your machine’s capacity by reviewing your owner’s manual.

Similarly, washing several heavy items can also cause your washer to become unbalanced during a spin cycle. This occurs when large items like towels or bedding clump on one side of the washer drum. An overloaded or unbalanced machine could lead to parts failure so as soon as you hear a loud spin cycle here’s what we recommend:

  • Immediately stop the spin cycle
  • Open the washer’s door or lid
  • Manually redistribute items, so they’re balanced on either side of the washer drum
  • Remove items that may be overloading the machine
  • Restart the machine’s spin cycle

washer is loud when spinning

Drive Pulley is Damaged

When your washing machine spin cycle very loud often it signifies a parts failure. The drive pulley can be a common culprit for a loud washer. The pulley is the plastic or metal piece that the drive belt rides on when it spins the washer tub. Sometimes these pulleys loosen, wear out or accumulate dirt, resulting in a loud spin cycle.

To diagnose a damaged drive pulley, the washer’s access panel has to be removed. The pulley can then be examined and replaced if necessary.

Drive Belt is Worn Out

Both front load and top load washers have a drive belt connecting the drive motor to the transmission (in top load washers) or the washer tub (in front-loaders). The drive belt moves the washer tub, and another reason your washer is loud when spinning could be if the drive belt has worn out.

To assess your drive belt, the washer’s access panel will have to be removed. The belt can then be located, examined for signs of burning, tearing or fraying, and replaced if needed.

washer banging during wash cycle
Image Credit: Repair Clinic


Tub Bearing is Faulty

A tub bearing helps the washer’s inner tub rotate during a wash and spin cycle. Both front loading and top loading machines have tub bearings, differing only in their location on the inner or outer tub.

These bearings are covered by a tub seal to protect them from being damaged by water or detergent. However, these seals can break down over time, exposing the bearings and causing them to fail. Assessing and replacing a tub bearing can be a complicated repair that dismantles much of your washer. We suggest using a professional service for this particular task.

These common causes are often the reasons behind the noise when your washer is loud when spinning.  Appliance Repair Specialists can help quiet a loud spin cycle by offering fast and expert washer repair!

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