New 2016 Smart Washer LG Sidekick

The Smart Washer of 2016: The LG Sidekick Washer

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A washing machine in your home offers the ultimate in modern convenience. But what if you want to wash more than one load at once? To be honest, it’s both difficult and time consuming to gather all of your dirty laundry and head to the laundromat, so most people don’t even consider this as an option. Until now!! Now there’s absolutely no need to worry about choosing, because LG has brought you the smart washer of 2016.

Introducing the LG Sidekick Washer, the Smart Washer of 2016

Add the LG SideKick Pedestal Washer to your LG TWIN Wash™ compatible washer, and you can wash two loads at the same time. Yes, you heard correctly. The LG Sidekick mounts underneath your main washer, fully equipped with a concealed control panel. The Sidekick is perfect for cleaning delicates, workout clothes, or a smaller load you couldn’t justify washing  without more clothes. (Note: You can buy it online and get free shipping from Amazon!)

smart washer of 2016

The mini washer is the “right-size capacity” at 1 cu.ft.—it’s perfect for clothes you need washed now instead of waiting for more dirty clothes to pile up, and also perfect for those delicate loads that never reach full load capacity. The LG Sidekick Washer itself costs $779.99 and comes in graphite steel and white.

The LG TWIN Washer comes with some really exciting new features. The new TurboWash mode cuts washing time in half—saving you 30 minutes per load! Plus, the SideKick includes LG ColdWash technology that promises to reduce energy consumption. Talk about a power team!

The LG mini washer offers a 10-Year Warranty on the Direct Drive Motor to ensure that your purchase is guaranteed to offer a long term value. Enjoy the ultimate convenience with a magnetic remote control, which will give you the power to start or stop your machine right in the palm of your hand.

The SideKick is also compatible with select 29/30” LG front load washers (see link below for chart). If you aren’t interested in the SideKick, see if your LG machine is compatible. Click here to view the compatibility chart.

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