steam dryer vs regular dryer

Buyer’s Guide: Steam Dryer vs Regular Dryer

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Appliance manufacturers are always rolling out new features that they claim to be cutting-edge in order to boost sales. Some live up to the hype, while others don’t. But what about dryers with steam cleaning features? With so many options available these days, you may wonder what the benefits of a steam dryer vs regular dryer are.

As technology advances and quality increases, finding the right dryer can be overwhelming. But don’t worry! This buyer’s guide of steam dryer pros and cons will help you make the best decision for your clothes dryer needs.

Steam Dryer vs Regular Dryer

More and more steam dryers are showing up on the market every day. How exactly are they different from regular gas and electric dryers though? Let’s take a closer look at what these popular models have to offer.

Better at Removing Wrinkles

When thinking of steam dryer benefits, regular dryers can’t compare to a steam dryer’s ability to remove wrinkles.

The additional steam cycle allows moist air to penetrate and soften the fabric to release wrinkles Рthis means less time ironing and manually steaming your clothes!

steam dryer pros and cons

But won’t additional moisture leave clothes damp or musty? Nope! Steam dryers are still as effective at drying clothes because heat is still applied to evaporate moisture.

While regular dryers can still reduce wrinkles, it won’t get rid of those stubborn wrinkles as effectively because of the lack of a steam cycle. Regular gas and electric dryers only use heat to evaporate moisture from clothing.

Steam Dryers Tackle Odors

Have you ever pulled freshly-cleaned clothes out of your dryer only to find that they still smell musty? It’s as confusing as it is frustrating, but thankfully, steam dryers are designed for this exact issue.

In fact, this is where a steam dryer vs regular dryer really shines! The hot steam created during its steam cycle eliminates odor-causing germs and bacteria, leaving your clothes smelling fresh without the help of scented dryer sheets or fabric softeners.

Regular gas and electric dryers can’t do this. For that freshly laundered linen smell, the use of scented products is needed to get the same result a steam dryer provides.


It’s a Draw on Energy Efficiency

With added cycle features and components, you may be wondering is dryer with steam cleaning will cost more to operate. After all, the extra convenience they provide may not be worth a spike in your utility costs.

The good news is that this is where the differences between a steam dryer vs regular dryer end. Most dryers use comparable amounts of energy meaning no one steam or regular dryer is more energy efficient than the other.

If energy efficiency is a big concern, basing your choice on special features that assist in the length of drying time is the best way to go when considering energy efficiency.

We at Appliance Repair Specialists want you to have the best dryer option for your household. Once you make your choice, let us help you maintain it for years to come.


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