Should you get a Water Softener?

Should you get a Water Softener?

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Many people immediately blame the manufacturers when an appliance that runs on water breaks down. While there are some bad appliances out there, a more common occurrence is that hard water is causing problems in the system. If there is hard water in your area, a water softener is something to consider. There are several ways a water softener can help the situation:

1. Appliances last longer: when you have hard water running through your appliances, they will suffer from calcium buildup and rust. Working parts can stop moving and water will quit flowing smoothly through the sprayers. When you use a water softener, on the other hand, washer and dishwasher parts do not tend to break down as they do not clog up with minerals. The appliances can last many more years on average.

2. You save energy: hard water washing requires hotter temperatures and longer wash cycles for a washer. The shortest cycle may not be good enough for the dishwasher either because the the detergent will not build up enough suds to get the dishes clean. Softening the water allows you to save on both energy and water as you keep washing times and temperatures to a minimum.

3. Your dishes and clothes get cleaner: If you have hard water, you might see rust stains or a milky film on your glassware. Your dishes can be spotty rather than clean-looking. Clothes can become affected in the washer as well. Appliances running on softened water will leave dishes sparkling and clothes looking clean and fresh.

4. Your clothes will last longer: Hard water can build up on your clothes and make them look dingy. They can also begin to feel scratchy and uncomfortable. The fibers wear down from the friction of the minerals on the cloth. Soft water washing is much gentler to clothing and keeps it looking, feeling and wearing well.

It may be difficult for you to know whether you have hard water or not. Many people live with it all their lives and are unaware of it. If you are unsure of the water hardness in your area, you can get your water tested to see whether it falls into the range of hard water or you are lucky enough to have naturally soft water. If your water is indeed hard, a water softener will help your washer and dishwasher immensely

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