One of the most convenient machines found in numerous homes is the clothes dryer. While it can be a handy time saver, it can also be hazardous when not maintained properly. Without regular maintenance checks, a dryer can catch fire, run inefficiently, or pose health risks. This can be due to the lint that collects inside the dryer vent.

In order to ensure your dryer is running safely, it is necessary to regularly clean the exhaust vent. Lint is normally expelled to the sucked through the exhaust vent and directed outside of the house. If the vent is not periodically cleaned, the lint can collect and buildup in it. The heat from the dryer can ignite the lint and cause a fire.

Keeping the air flowing inside the dryer vent is necessary for proper unit function. A blocked vent with a weak air flow means clothes may not dry as quickly. This zaps electricity and can cost hundreds of extra dollars in the long run. A dryer that is not operating properly may require professional repairs as well.

A dryer vent that is not inspected periodically can also cause health issues. The built-up lint and fibers that are normally directed outside can enter the air inside the house. These particles are ingested and can cause breathing problems. To eliminate these hazards, it is essential to inspect and clean a dryer vent at least once a month.

Units that are used for a considerable amount of time should be checked more frequently. Regular maintenance checkups will reduce the need for additional expenses, and the machine will have a longer life. Maintaining a clean dryer vent is the best way to optimize the performance and safety of a dryer.