Refrigerator cabinet is warm to the touch

Refrigerator cabinet is warm to the touch

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The refrigerator exterior should feel warm in the area where the gaskets meet the frame. These areas are the mullion and cabinet flanges. This heat is generated by a heat loop located within the refrigerator walls near the gasket areas. This heat is necessary to keep moisture and frost from forming on the refrigerator exterior.

At times, the refrigerator exterior may feel even warmer than usual in these areas. This could last up to 24 hours. This condition may be caused by one or more of the following:

  •  Initial startup of the refrigerator from room temperature
  •  Loading fresh food or food that is near room temperature
  •  Heavy usage during certain times of the day

If the refrigerator exterior continually feels hot in these areas, check the condenser for excessive dirt or debris and clean if necessary. Airflow blocked by lint, pet hair and dirt will cause the condenser and heat loop temperature to increase.

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