Recycle A Refrigerator Water Filter

How to Recycle a Refrigerator Water Filter

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Regular replacement of your refrigerator’s water filter is a very important part of refrigerator maintenance. Replacement of a water filter at least once every six months prevents bacteria build-up, keeps your water clean, and prevents performance issues. The downside is that disposal of refrigerator water filters is a tremendous burden on our landfills. Fortunately, recycling programs have been established to help address this problem!

*Please Note: Whirlpool has discontinued its recycling program. Review the updated section of this article for current recycling options.

Updated Recycling Options January 2020

There are other water filter recycling programs to check out as well, such as “Gimme 5”, which partners with Whole Foods to provide locations to drop off your water filters in person. The catch is that your filter needs to be made of #5 plastic for them to accept it. If that is the case, you can search for participating Whole Foods stores here.

You may also ship your used water filter to for safe recycling. Review their list to see if your filter brand is accepted.

Previous Recycling Options

One of the best refrigerator water filter recycling programs was started by Whirlpool. Their “Refresh & Recycle” program started in 2014. The Whirlpool water filter recycling initiative was created when Whirlpool partnered with an innovative recycling solutions company called g2 revolution. They have a sustained track record of manufacturing a wide range of products made of post‐consumer recycled material.

How to recycle a refrigerator water filter

Upon receipt of the used filters, g2 revolution collects data and then eventually turns them into a concrete aggregate (used for roads and other projects). Awesome, right? What’s even better is that they’ll accept any brand of refrigerator water filter!

Do Your Part! Here’s How to Recycle a Refrigerator Water Filter

  1. Head to to get your refrigerator water filter recycling kit (there is a small fee, currently $8.99). It contains a poly plastic mailer (for return shipping) and an instruction card. You’re able to send in one filter per kit. You’ll receive an e-mail confirmation shortly after ordering.
  2. Remove your filter and let it sit out to dry for at least three days.
  3. Place the filter in the mailer (ensure its properly sealed) and send it to g2 revolution for analysis. They then send it to a co-processor where energy is produced for future use and incorporated into concrete.

For those with a Whirlpool brand filter (including Amana, Maytag, KitchenAid, & JennAir), they’ve added an extra incentive to use this program. They provide a promo code with the kit for 20% off your next water filter purchase (plus free shipping)!

The “Refresh & Recycle” initiative is currently available in 48 states (excludes Alaska & Hawaii). If you have further questions about this program, you can find Whirlpool’s contact information here.

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