How Do Dishwashers Work?

How Do Dishwashers Work?

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Dishwashers simplify lives considerably. As a bachelor in college, dishes would pile up in my sink and spill over into counter, stove, even floor space, making my modest apartment resemble an absolute pigsty. The day I moved from my collegiate hovel into an apartment with a dish-washing machine, I marveled at the ease with which I could keep my dishes clean and out of sight. Suddenly, visitors did not seem to be in such a great hurry to leave, I stopped raising flies in huge colonies against my will and the place even smelled a little better. I just had to figure out how this thing worked, and promptly did a few searches online and read the manual I found in my kitchen drawer.

At its most basic, a dishwasher is just a machine that washes, rinses, scours and even dries dishes, or anything that any one places inside the device. While dishwashers can clean a great many household items, washing other appliances, clothes or small pets, while sounding hilarious, is not recommended. Users have to load and unload dishwashers with their dirty dishes, kitchen utensils and silverware, as well as place soap inside of the machine. The soap can be liquid or powdered and is squirted or placed into a designated area or receptacle. Another option is a small packet in which dish-washing soap is contained which can be thrown inside a dishwasher almost anywhere. Once loaded and with soap placed inside, users close and often lock the dishwasher before turning the device on.

Once on, the dishwasher takes in water from connected water hoses, heats the water to a high temperature, and then sprays the dishes with the hot water, rinsing them thoroughly. The process is repeated when the device adds the dish-washing soap or detergent to the hot water spray at high pressures, scouring stubborn stains, dirt and grease from dishes. A final step included on many dishwashers is a dish dryer, which leaves dishes warm, dry and free of spots. This last addition is awesome, as spotless dishes make it appear as if I hand-dried my own dishes before putting them away.

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