ge refrigerator not dispensing water or ice

How to Diagnose a GE Refrigerator Not Dispensing Water or Ice

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As summertime approaches, you don’t want to deal with a GE refrigerator not dispensing water or ice. As frustrating as this is, there are some things to check that may help you identify the problem. Some DIY troubleshooting may just keep you from having to replace your refrigerator! We’ve highlighted the most common reasons you may find a GE refrigerator water and ice dispenser not working.

Is Your GE Refrigerator Not Dispensing Water or Ice? Try This.

Have you had it with your GE refrigerator not dispensing water or ice? Before you call for professional service, check out what could be the culprit.

Frozen Water Line or Tank

When the water tubing or reservoir is frozen, you won’t get water to the ice dispenser. However, the ice maker may still make ice. If you suspect your GE refrigerator water line frozen, the best thing to do is check the owner’s manual for recommended refrigerator temperature settings.

Set the refrigerator and freezer settings to the recommended temperature. If the settings were set too cold, give it at least 24 hours to adjust to the correct temperature.

ge refrigerator water line frozen
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Broken Door Switch

The door switch to the refrigerator prevents water and ice from dispensing when the door is open. When you open the door, the dispenser is disabled. When the door is closed, the dispenser should work. If the switch is defective, the refrigerator water dispenser works intermittently or won’t work at all.

Use a multimeter to check the door switch for continuity. If there is no continuity, the door switch needs replacement.

Defective Dispenser Switch

The dispenser switch sends voltage to the dispenser. If you discover your GE refrigerator not dispensing water or ice, the dispenser switch may have failed. No voltage, no working dispenser.

A multimeter can be used to check for continuity to determine if the dispenser switch is working properly. If there is no continuity, then the switch needs to be replaced.

Dispenser Control Board Failure

Although a refrigerator dispenser control board not working is rare, if you have checked all of the above components, control board failure could be behind the GE refrigerator not dispensing water or ice properly. It is best to get a professional diagnosis if you suspect a failed control board.

Clogged Water Filter

If you haven’t changed your refrigerator’s water filter for a while, you may notice slow ice production or smaller cubes. The water filter should be changed every 6 months, or when the filter indicator light signals the need for a fresh filter. A clogged water filter can restrict water from flowing to the dispenser, and consequently, you’ll notice less ice.

Swap out the old water filter for a new one and try the dispenser. Press the dispenser for several minutes to purge air from the line and allow the reservoir to fill. If the dispenser delivers water, you’ve solved the problem.

ge refrigerator water and ice dispenser not working
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If you have exhausted all troubleshooting to no avail, contact the Appliance Repair Specialists for refrigerator repair Tampa FL. Our factory-trained technicians are qualified to diagnose and repair all of your appliance brands.

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