high efficiency washer use less water?

Does a high efficiency washer use less water?

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If you’ve heard that a high-efficiency washer uses less water, then you heard right. In fact, high-efficiency washers use a whopping 50% less water and electricity than a conventional washing machine. Despite this amazing advancement in washer technology, you’ve probably heard complaints that high-efficiency washers don’t clean well enough due to low water levels. Although some machines may have performance issues, the low water levels will not result in poor cleaning (if your machine isn’t cleaning well, contact your local appliance technician for a diagnosis).

Here’s the real issue: If you’ve been using a conventional machine your entire life, you might get a bit anxious when you peak into the clear glass lid to find that your clothes are just barely covered by soapless water. Where are the suds?! And where’s all the water?

Don’t panic. Your high-efficiency machine is supposed to use less water, and your HE soap isn’t supposed to create suds. Despite many rumors and assumptions about high-efficiency machines, they actually clean just as well as conventional machines when used correctly. Here are some facts about HE washers to set your mind at ease:

What is a high-efficiency washer?

The label “high-efficiency washer” doesn’t mean that the machine runs a faster wash cycle. Rather, it means that the machine uses fewer resources, including water and electricity. High-efficiency machines use as much as 50% less water and electricity than conventional washers!

How does a high-efficiency washer use less water?

high efficiency washer use less water

Conventional machines have basic load size settings that determine how much water is added to the tub, which typically results in a full tub of water. High-efficiency machines, on the other hand, sense load size and wash type through a series of fills and wash motions, which enables the machine to optimize the temperature and fill level based on what you’ve loaded into the machine.

When you peer into the wash cycle, you’ll likely notice that your clothes are not fully submerged; this is a primary concern of many consumers, especially those used to conventional machines.

The high-efficiency machine can use less water because it cleans with a unique impelling motion. The load is moved from the outside toward the middle with clothing items moving up through the center and down toward the outside. As the load moves through the tub, the clothing rubs against each other, which results in better cleaning with less water.

Here are some of the key differences of a high-efficiency washer:

  • Spins at a higher speed, which extracts more water and reduces drying time.
  • The machine looks, sounds and operates differently.
  • Uses less water, which results in lower water levels.
  • Uses less energy.
  • You may notice the basket has more movement.
  • Requires HE detergent, which produces no suds.
  • May have longer wash times.

For more information about HE Top-Load Washers, watch this video:

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