9 Tips to Maximize the Life of your Oven

9 Tips to Maximize the Life of your Oven

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Appliance repair specialists are treasure troves of information on maintaining home cooking appliances. Here are some time-tested tips for keeping an oven trouble-free for years.

1. Follow the manufacturers’ instructions to the letter when using self-cleaning and continuous-clean ovens. Avoid using steel wool, harsh abrasives, and chemical cleaners not specifically formulated for these ovens.

2. If possible, install a heavy-duty surge protector. It will guard the oven’s electronic controls against power spikes and surges.

3. Keep the oven and broiler pan clean and free of baked-on food to reduce the risk of a fire and to help the appliance perform more efficiently. Appliance repair Tampa technicians advise wiping up fresh spills soon after they happen, usually as soon as the oven cools.

4. Avoid using aluminum foil under stovetop burners, say appliance repair specialists. A foil sheet may cover the oven vent usually located under one of the rear burners.

5. Have an appliance repair services Tampa professional inspect the oven and stove once a year for snug electrical connections, a safe grounding, and wiring free from deteriorated insulation. On a gas stove, an appliance repair Tampa technician will check the lines and connectors to ensure safe operation.

6. Ask the appliance repair Tampa expert to check the oven thermostat for accuracy and to ensure the door, gasket, and hinges are in good operating condition. The components need to be well-maintained to ensure a good seal for efficient operation.

7. Request the appliance repair services Tampa person to check and calibrate the time, clock, and electronic controls during the same visit. Today’s stoves and ovens rely on electronics for many functions and these devices need to be in a good state of repair.

8. Run the self-cleaning cycle of one of these special stoves two to four weeks before cooking a big family dinner. The self-cleaning cycle places a heavy load on the wiring and elements of the oven. This is a prime time for a marginal heating element to stop working and replacement parts often takes two weeks or more to arrive.

9. Replace worn, missing or broken parts as soon as possible, especially control knobs, oven gaskets, and hinges. Throw the hopelessly grease-encrusted broiler pan away and buy a new one.

These nine tips not only keep an oven looking good. They also keep it working more efficiently and safely. Removing grease and grime allows inner surfaces to reflect heat better, one of the keys to perfect results when baking a cake or roasting a chicken. Keeping knobs and other controls clean also prolongs their life.

Investing a few minutes and a few pennies every day in routine cleaning adds to up to big savings on replacement costs and utility bills.


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