Microwaves are convenient, but they food produce is not always high quality. Fortunately, a few simple tips can help produce fast and delicious microwave meals.

1. Think simple: Some of the best-tasting foods involve simple ingredients. Try poaching a piece of fish in herbs and butter. This provides an easy and elegant meal in minutes.

2. Avoid hard-skinned foods: Some hard-skinned foods, such as potatoes or eggs, can burst and create a mess when not properly prepared. Be sure to puncture potato skins, and cook eggs scrambled instead of in the shell.

3. Lower the power: Thicker foods will take longer to cook, and may dry out in the process. Lowering the power can helps cook a thicker item thoroughly without drying out.

4. Chop up the meal: If the food is in large portions, try cutting it up in smaller pieces so it will cook more quickly.

5. Let veggies steam: Vegetables are the perfect food for microwave cooking. They generally steam (and cook) in their own liquids.

6. Perfect for diets: Microwave cooking is great for diets. Food can cook perfectly without any added oil or fats, producing delicious and healthy meals.

7. Keep it clean: Old stuck on food can alter the taste of new foods, and even affect the performance of the machine. Be sure to wipe up all spills immediately.

These simple steps will put anyone on the right track to easy, delicious microwave meals in no time!