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  • Why your refrigerator door won't close
If your refrigerator door won’t close properly, listen up! This is a problem you’ll want to address right away. A refrigerator door that doesn’t shut tightly can lead to a spike in energy bills and unnecessary wear-and-tear on your unit....
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  • assessing appliance safety after storms
Recent hurricanes have had a devastating impact on many families and homes across the Gulf region. If you have appliances that have suffered water damage from a storm, here are some guidelines you should follow while assessing appliance safety after major...
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Regular replacement of your refrigerator’s water filter is a very important part of refrigerator maintenance. Replacement of a water filter at least once every six months prevents bacteria build-up, keeps your water clean, and prevents performance issues. The downside is...
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  • most common cause of refrigerator failure
Believe it or not, ice maker issues are one of the most common causes of refrigerator failure in the summer time. We get calls frequently about ice makers not making ice or making ice but not dispensing properly. If your...
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