Dishwashers are certainly timesavers, but their efficiency lies in more than their ability to clean dishes quickly. The quality of their output should rival that of good old-fashioned hand-washing. More and more new products have come on the market to help these handy appliances clean better, and rinse agents are some the most recent newcomers to join the cleaning group. Used in conjunction with dishwasher detergents, rinse agents can effectively combat remaining residue on the dishes.

Rinse agents are formulated to help remove spot-causing, filmy residue from dishes, glasses and flatware. Regular dishwasher detergents are most active in the washing cycle. However, spots tend to form in the dishwasher’s rinsing cycle when most of the detergent is no longer present. Rinse agents cause the water to rinse off in sheets during the rinsing cycle. These clean-boosters lower the surface tension of water, so the water “sticks to itself” instead of forming droplets. Without remaining drops on the tableware, the drying cycle yields clean, spot-free, film-less dishes.

There are multiple benefits to using rinse agents in the dishwasher, including energy conservation and less spotting from hard water. These days, everyone is becoming more energy-conscious. Dishwasher owners are air-drying their dishes instead of running the heated drying cycle. Using rinse agents allows air-drying to yield drying cycle results while still cutting the appliance’s energy usage by up to 50 percent and reducing the carbon footprint. In addition, many homes still have relatively hard water which has a heavy mineral content. The spotty appearance of dishes washed with hard water and detergent alone is due to dried cleaning residue and minerals that have been re-deposited. Rinse agents help discourage the food particles and hard-water composites from reattaching to dishes and leaving film or spots.

The latest dishwasher models have built-in reservoirs for rinse agents. Typically situated close to the detergent cup, these dispensers are easily filled with liquid rinse agent products. Clip-on solid rinse aides are used in dishwashers that don’t have these dispensing cups. The solid products are just as effective as their liquid counterparts but need to be clipped to the top rack of the appliance. Rinse agents, whether solid or liquid, can provide substantial cleaning and energy-saving benefits.

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