Top Loading Washers vs Front Loading Washers

Top Loading Washers vs Front Loading Washers

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Washing machines have advanced a lot over the years from the old fashioned washboard to a ringer washer and now to the modern models which are more efficient. When you buy a washing machine, you can choose the color, size, price and style that best fits your needs. Washing machines typically come in three styles which include top loading, front loading and stackable models (which are designed for small spaces).

Which Style of Washer Is Best?

The price of a washing machine is one of the largest factors in the decision-making process for purchasing a one. The top loading washing machine typically starts at a price of about three hundred dollars where most front loading washing machines will start at about five hundred dollars.

A top loading washing machine typically has a smaller load capacity than a front loading washing machine. So if you have a large family then you may want to get a front loader that can handle large amounts of clothing at one time, which saves on energy and water usage.

A top loading washing machine will allow you to add a few clothing articles even after it has started a load. However, the front load models do not allow adding items because they typically lock the door to prevent you from opening them and getting water to spill all over the floor.

front load vs top load washer
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Most front loading washing machines are energy star compliant. This means they do not take as much soap, water or power to wash a load of clothes as a typical top loading washing machine. However, some of the front loading washing machines take a special low sudsing type of laundry soap that is more expensive than the traditional types of laundry soap.

When it comes time to choose between the different types of washing machines that are on the market you will want to consider the operating cost. An energy star model may cost more initially but it can potentially save you several thousand dollars over the life of the washer between soap, water, and power bills.

The ultimate decision whether to get a top loading washer or a front loading washer will depend on your budget and your washing needs. Do keep the environment in mind and make sure that you consider energy usage.


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