When you make the choice on what kind of washer and dryer to buy, you have three different choices when it comes to the drums inside the units. The most common kind of washer and dryer drum is one made of porcelain coated steel. Another choice that appears in a lot of models is a drum made of plastic. The more expensive choice is to buy a washer and a dryer with drums made of stainless steel. The drums are the parts of the washer and dryer where the clothing goes. If you make the wrong choice on the drum type, then you could be putting your clothes at risk. Is stainless steel worth the investment? In the long run, it may be well worth the extra money you would have to pay.

Plastic is becoming a more popular option these days because of the lower cost. But even polymer plastic that has been treated to resist heat and water can still start to warp and buckle over time. The time span we are talking is several years, but you want a drum that can last as long as your entire washer and dryer. Plastic drums become rough and start to damage your clothes after a while. In the end, plastic may not be the best choice.

Porcelain coated steel has been popular for decades because it is durable and it is able to resist heat and water. But when people start putting clothing with metal studs and oversized zippers in them into the washer and dryer, then they start to chip away at the porcelain. When the porcelain is exposed, then the metal underneath starts to rust. Over time, you will start to see rust spots on your clothes. In some loads, you may never even notice the difference. But when it comes to your whites and delicates, you will definitely see the rust spots that a porcelain drum can leave behind.

That leaves stainless steel. A stainless steel drum will never rust, it can resist scratches from metal on clothing and it can even avoid being dented by sneakers and other things that people put in their dryers. A stainless steel drum will probably outlast the washer and dryer themselves. When you invest the extra money in a stainless steel drum, you will be able to repair your washer and dryer when they break down as opposed to replacing them. That can save you a lot of money down the road. A stainless steel washer and dryer drum will help to enhance the investment you have made in your washer and dryer and make certain that you get the maximum value for your money.