When your home appliance isn’t working, your day (or even week) can be ruined. A broken refrigerator can mean hundreds of dollars of spoiled food, while a broken washer can have you trekking to the laundromat. When you find yourself with a broken appliance, don’t wait for days! Here’s how to ensure you hire the best company for your same day appliance repair in Tampa, FL.

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Can Companies Really Guarantee “Same Day Appliance Service”?

While there are many companies claiming to offer same day service in Tampa, the reality is that no company can offer same day appliance service 100% of the time (at least not without an expensive “after hours” fee). This is true for a variety of reasons:

  • The technician’s schedule books up fast. If you call for service at 3 pm, your chances of finding a technician with availability at the end of the work day are slim. Here at Appliance Repair Specialists, we often provide same day service, but occasionally we book up all our available appointments and have to squeeze customers in the next day.
  • Holidays and Weekends Excluded. If you see an ad for Same Day service, be sure to check the company’s hours of operation. They might say “Same Day,” but that will only apply during the days and times that they are actually open. Most appliance companies are open Monday – Saturday.
  • They charge a hefty fee. You’re really excited that you found someone to come take a look at your refrigerator this afternoon just to find out that they’ll be charging you an extra $49 for the “emergency fee.” While it may be worth the extra costs in some situations, you’ll want to be sure to fully vet the company before agreeing to their after hours / emergency fee (see below).

How to Vet Companies for Same Day Appliance Repair in Tampa

When you’re shopping for same day appliance repair in Tampa, keep the following best practices in mind:

  • Call first thing in the morning. If you find your refrigerator not cooling when you wake up, call an appliance repair company immediately. Don’t wait until you get settled in at work to make the call. Appliance companies that offer same day service keep a set number of appointments open for same day callers, but if those appointments fill up by 10 am, you’ll be out of luck.
  • Verify the technician carries parts. Same day service is great, but if the technician coming to your home doesn’t carry the most commonly failed appliance parts in his service vehicle, then your appliance will likely not be fixed that same day (because he’ll have to go order and purchase the parts). Ask the person booking your appointment if the technician stocks appliance parts on his vehicle. If they say, “no,” this probably means that the technician isn’t going the fix the problem that same day.
  •  Ensure the company offers a repair warranty. Although there are a handful of reputable companies in Tampa that offer same day appliance repair, there are also a lot of sketchy operations that are just trying to make an extra buck. That’s why it’s important to find a company that offers a parts and labor warranty for any work they complete on your appliance. This ensures that you are covered in case they don’t fix the problem correctly the first time around. There’s nothing worse than paying double to have a new company come out to fix an appliance you already paid to have repaired!

If you need same day appliance repair in Tampa, contact the Appliance Repair Specialists of Tampa. We offer same or next day service, our technicians carry parts and have access to parts via our appliance parts store partner, and we offer an extensive repair warranty.

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