WOW! Called this morning needing service on a squealing dryer and installation of a water actuator paddle on a refrigerator. Technician was available in my area within 45 minutes of my call (Mario). Mario was obviously familiar with my particular dryer model and had it disassembled in 5 minutes and diagnosed the problem as a bad idler pulley. Part was available on the truck. Checked other parts to ensure no others were worn and needed to be replaced. Quoted me a fair price for both the dryer fix and the refigerator part installation and proceeded to make the dryer repair. Completed the job in 20 minutes, start to finish. Neat, fast and efficient – knew what he was doing. On to the fridge. I had purchased the part online months ago but had been reticent to install it since I had read the instructions and it was pretty tricky. Mario checked the part, knew how much it cost (expensive piece of plastic) and proceeded to do the installation. As he was doing t he disassembly, he mentioned the ‘tricky part’ regarding the water hose. Had the old part out and the new part installed in less than 10 minutes. Works perfect. Total time on the job from arrival in my driveway to out the door with my check in hand was 35 minutes. No upselling or needless replacement of parts. Neat, fast, and efficient. The world needs more Marios. Thanks for the great service.