It can be a bit daunting to see your glass top range stained with cooked-on food. After all, it’s difficult to imagine how to clean a glass top stove without scratching or damaging it every time you use it.

But just like when you have to clean between oven door glass, there is a process for how to clean glass top range that removes the guesswork.

How to Clean Glass Top Range Safely and Easily

Knowing how to clean glass top range is as simple as having the right materials. This cooktop cleaning kit provides all the supplies you need such as a cleaning pad, razor, and cleaning solution. With these tools, you can safely clean a glass stovetop with little effort or expense. These supplies are specially designed to be non-abrasive and are safe to use after each time you cook, if necessary.

Before we review the glass top cleaning process, we recommend reviewing your range’s owner’s manual for any specific precautions or instructions. After doing so, you can follow our step-by-step guide for how to use your cooktop cleaning kit to clean a glass cooktop with ease.

Step 1: Scrape Food Off Glass Stove Top With Razor

The first step in how to clean glass top range begins with the razor in your cleaning kit. Hold the razor at a 45degree angle and apply a moderate amount of pressure to scrape away food stains.

For best results, we recommend doing this while the stovetop is still warm, but not hot and after each use that results in spillage. To ensure your protection, wear an oven mitt while scraping. Wipe down the glass range top with a clean cloth after scraping.

how to clean glass top range

Image Credit: Whirlpool

Step 2: Apply Cook Top Cleaner to Glass Range Top

Once your glass stovetop is cool, pour a few drops of the kit’s cleaning solution onto the stained areas. This solution is specially formulated to work on cooking residues, specifically on glass cooktops. With the scrubbing pad, rub the solution into the stains. As the pad is non-abrasive, it’s safe to use pressure as needed without risking harm to the glass cooktop.

Leave the solution on the glass range top until it has dried to a white film. This typically takes 15 minutes but heavy staining may require up to 30 minutes.

how to clean a glass top stove

Image Credit: Whirlpool

Step 3: Remove Cleaning Solution From Glass Stove Top

This white film may have you concerned about how to clean glass stove top without streaks. However, when you use a clean dry cloth or paper towel to polish away the dried cleaning solution, there should be no streaks on your glass range top.

If stubborn stains still remain, it’s safe to repeat each step in the cleaning process until the glass stovetop is clean. This is because the cleaning solution is designed to not only be easily removable but gentle and effective on a variety of glass cooktop ranges from conventional to convection.

clean a glass stovetop

Image Credit: Whirlpool


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