How to maintain your washing machine

How-To-Maintain Your Washing Machine

Please note that a washing machine (washer) repair or services should be performed by a qualified and skilled professional. Washers are complicated machines that combine water and electrical current and there is a high risk of injury, or even death, if an unqualified individual attempts repair. Note that a common wall outlet can carry more […]

Upright Freezers vs Chest Freezers

Upright Freezer Vs Chest

If you purchase a lot of frozen foods for your family, you may want to invest in a separate freestanding freezer. This will allow you to have more room – room that the freezer unit that comes with your refrigerator will not be able to offer. There are two types of freestanding freezers. You can […]

7 Tips to maximize the Life of Your Clothes Dryer

7 Tips to maximize the Life of Your Clothes Dryer

A small amount of routine maintenance can maximize the life of your clothes dryer. In addition to following the manufacturer’s instructions, use these simple steps to keep your dryer running longer. 1. Clean the lint trap. After every load, take out the lint trap and remove all of the debris. This will help the heat […]

Refrigerator cabinet is warm to the touch

Refrigerator cabinet is warm to the touch

The refrigerator exterior should feel warm in the area where the gaskets meet the frame. These areas are the mullion and cabinet flanges. This heat is generated by a heat loop located within the refrigerator walls near the gasket areas. This heat is necessary to keep moisture and frost from forming on the refrigerator exterior. […]

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